May 26, 2018

Former Ricin Suspect’s Home Left Unlivable

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Former Ricin Suspect’s Home Left Unlivable

The attorneys for a Mississippi man who was at one point charged with sending letters laced with ricin to the president and other government leaders are pushing federal authorities to repair or replace the man’s home, which was left unlivable after investigators’ extensive search of it. 

Kevin Curtis, 45, an Elvis impersonator, had been charged with sending the deadly biological agent to government leaders. But soon after, investigators dropped the charges after failing to find any evidence. Another suspect was charged on Monday, who allegedly had a failing out with Curtis and who Curtis’ attorneys allege framed him. 

Now, Curtis’ attorneys want federal authorities to help piece together Curtis’ home that, they say, authorities destroyed. 

"To be specific, Mr. Curtis' home is uninhabitable,” Christi McCoy, an attorney for Curtis, states in a letter to authorities. “I have seen a lot of post search residences but this one is quite disturbing. The agents removed art from the walls, broke the frames and tore the artwork. Mr. Curtis offered his keys but agents chose to break the lock. Mr. Curtis' garbage was scheduled to be picked up Thursday, the day after he was snatched from his life. A week later, the garbage remains in his home, along with millions of insects it attracted.”

McCoy is demanding that authorities provide Curtis with temporary housing and that the government take steps to repair the Corinth, Miss., home and return all of his possessions. 

Source: “Lawyer: Home of Former Ricin Suspect Kevin Curtis Now Unlivable,” The Associated Press (April 30, 2013)

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