April 22, 2018

Trump Sues Critic for 'Cybersquatting'

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Trump Sues Critic for 'Cybersquatting'

Real estate mogul Donald Trump is suing a Brooklyn man over “cybersquatting,” accusing the man of operating four web sites that bear Trump’s name and real estate brand. 

J. Taikwok Yung is accused of acquiring four Trump-related domain names, such as “” and “” Yung reportedly acquired the domain names in 2007 when the Trump organization had announced plans to construct Trump-branded hotels and condos in Mumbai and Bangalore, India. Yung has used the web sites to provide commentary and criticism about Trump and his television show, “The Celebrity Apprentice.” 

Yung filed complaints with the courts in 2011 trying to keep the domain names, citing fair use and his First Amendment rights. All four of the web sites were recently taken down.

Trump’s countersuit, filed last week, seeks $100,000 for each of the four Trump-related domain names, which is the maximum in damages allowed. 

Yung reportedly holds nearly 200 other domain names, such as “” and “” In 2009, on the same day that Bank of America and Merill Lynch & Co. announced a merger, Yung acquired the domains “” and “” Yung has faced a similar legal action to the Trump lawsuit from that acquisition as well. 

Source: “Trump seeks damages in 'cybersquatting' case,” CNN (March 31, 2013)

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