April 21, 2018

LPS Debuts 'It's Listed' Alerts

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LPS Debuts 'It's Listed' Alerts

Lender Processing Services Inc. announced the debut of “It’s Listed!” alerts, which will notify mortgage servicers when a property in their portfolios has appeared on a Multiple Listing Service. 

“Servicers benefit when they have early notification of when their customers put their properties on the market,” says Rob Walker, managing director for LPS' Applied Analytics division. “'It’s Listed!' Alerts is an early notification system that gives servicers the opportunity to help expedite short sales by identifying delinquent borrowers in their portfolio who have listed their properties. The solution can also help servicers retain their customers by giving their lending departments a heads-up when current borrowers have listed their properties.”

LPS will match properties from mortgage servicers’ portfolios with listing price information available in the REALTORS® Property Resource. RPR can then notify the listing agent when a mortgage servicer seeks additional information about a property. 

Source: Lender Processing Services Inc.