April 21, 2018

Brokerage Aims to Make Vets Into Agents

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Brokerage Aims to Make Vets Into Agents

Atlanta’s Metro Brokers with Better Homes and Gardens is launching a program that will pay for all the training and licensing for up to 3,000 vets who want to become real estate agents. Over the next five years, the brokerage hopes to bring about 50 vets each month into the program. 

Vets coming home from combat from Iraq and Afghanistan have been known to face struggles in landing a job after they return. 

"It's a great program for somebody like myself trying to transition from the military life to the civilian world," says Jenei Young, an Air Force Security Force veteran.

"They are going to make an investment in me,” adds Stephen Roberson, an Iraq veteran, enrolled in the program. “They are going to pay for everything. They are going to train me. They are going to take me through the certification process. They are going to give me a job.”

Source: “Real Estate Program Looks to Hire Veterans,” NBC 11-ALIVE (Feb. 13, 2013)