May 25, 2018

What Is the REALTOR® Party?

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What Is the REALTOR® Party?

NAR President Gary Thomas this week kicked off a six-week communications campaign to give REALTORS® a clear picture of what the REALTOR® Party is and how their efforts to vote, act, and invest on behalf of real estate and home owners falls under the REALTOR® Party banner.

"Since I became NAR president, members have asked me what the REALTOR® Party is," 2013 NAR President Gary Thomas says. "It’s a good question and I’m glad members are inquiring about it."

NAR launched the REALTOR® Party several years ago to link together the advocacy efforts of REALTORS® at the local, state, and national levels. There are three components: vote, act, and invest. Each one has long been a part of REALTORS®’ involvement. “What’s news is we’ve combined them all under the REALTOR® Party banner,” says Thomas.

The vote element is REALTORS® voting to protect REALTOR® interests and to educate voters about issues that affect property owners. The act element is REALTORS® acting in support of laws and regulations that promote home ownership and the real estate industry. And the invest element is REALTORS® investing in candidates that support REALTORS® and private property rights.

At the beginning of each week in the six-week campaign, a member of the NAR Leadership Team will talk about an aspect of the REALTOR® Party in a short video and introduce an infographic that accompanies the message. Members are encouraged to share the info graphics with their colleagues and consumers. 

·Week 1 (February 4-10): President Thomas talks about the campaign and introduces an infographic called “What is the REALTOR® Party?”

·Week 2 (February 11-17): NAR President-elect Steve Brown explains the mission of the REALTOR® Party and introduces “The REALTOR® Party Mission” infographic.

·Week 3 (February 18-24): NAR First Vice President Chris Polychron talks about the goals of the REALTOR® Party and introduces the “Goals” infographic.

·Week 4 (February 25-March 3): NAR Treasurer Bill Armstrong talks about how the vote, act, and invest elements work together and introduces the "How It Works Together” infographic.

·Week 5 (March 4-10): NAR Vice President Leslie Rouda Smith talks about the relationship between REALTORS® and consumers and introduces the “Strengthening Our Relationship with Consumers “ infographic.

·Week 6 (March 11-17): NAR Mobilization Liaison Kenny Parcell wraps up the campaign with an overview of action steps members can take to advance the REALTOR® Party agenda and encourages members to share the infographics with one another and with consumers. "Post these infographics on Facebook, tweet about them on Twitter, and pin them to your Pinterest page,” says Parcell. “Put them on your website and write about them on your blog or newsletter. Get the word out on why it's important to vote, act, and invest."

Learn more about the campaign at The REALTOR Action Center,

-- By Robert Freedman, REALTOR Magazine Online