May 25, 2018

4 Ways to Be More Findable on the Web

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4 Ways to Be More Findable on the Web

Search engine optimization can help customers can find you online.  Marci James, director of social media and marketing for Obeo, offers these following tips for real estate professionals to improve their SEO on their web site:

1. Submit your web site to the major search engine directories. “There are hundreds of search engine directories,” James says, adding to target the free ones. She also notes that Free Web Submission is a tool that can be used to help add your web site to directories. 

2. Include keywords in several places on your site. James recommends that every page on your web site include keywords and phrases in the page title, text, tags, and meta description. But she notes you shouldn’t duplicate the page title. 

3. Address hot topics. “Google gives priority to fresh/hot content,” James writes. So if there is something exciting happening in your community or in the news, try adding the keyword associated with the topic to a page or post on your site.” For example, she recommends writing a review of a new bestselling book or movie, or a big event in your town. 

4. Add outbound links. These are hyperlinks you use within your text either that go to your own site or other sites. James recommends putting two outbound links to other pages on every page of your web site. She also recommends including at least one link to a web site other than your own. “Linking to other high-ranking sites is a great way to increase your SEO,” she notes. 

Read more of James’ tips at RISMedia. 

Source: “13 Easy Steps to Optimize Your Web site for SEO,” RISMedia (Dec. 9, 2012)