May 22, 2018

Coldwell Banker Campaign Promotes New Home-Shopping Method

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Coldwell Banker Campaign Promotes New Home-Shopping Method

Coldwell Banker’s new “Best Places to Live” campaign aims to get home-shoppers to target the best location for them before they start thinking price, square footage, or bedroom count. 

Buyers can search five lifestyle categories when trying to find the perfect home: Social Seekers, Suburbanites, Adventurers, Leisure Lovers, and Culture Cravers. 

Coldwell Banker teamed up with Onboard Informatics to identify up to 20 different attributes, define each category, and rank thousands of communities to help home buyers target certain areas depending on their preferences. For example, buyers can learn more about communities that would be good if they decide music and the art scene is important to them, or based on whether they prefer to be close to the mountains or the ocean. 

“We are going back to the more traditional ways of judging the value of a home, and not solely looking at it through the financial lens,” says David Siroty, Coldwell Banker’s vice president of communications. “Instead, the emotional and lifestyle value is critical.” 

Source: “Consumer-Centric Search Options Change the Typical House Hunt,” RISMedia (Dec. 1, 2012)