May 26, 2018

'Tis the Season to Stay Connected With Clients

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'Tis the Season to Stay Connected With Clients

The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a challenging time for real estate agents, as families focus their attention on traveling, entertaining, and other family activities. But that doesn't mean property deals grind to halt. 

Sending out newsletters or holiday greeting cards, e-mailing clients the newest properties on the multiple listing service, and emphasizing the great deals out there are all good ways to keep home buyers and sellers engaged during the holiday season. 

Prospective buyers and sellers who may have a sliver of time here and there need to know that their agent is available to them.  It is important, therefore, to emphasize that even if a phone call is not answered at once, text and e-mail are other options of reaching out and any communication will receive a prompt response.

It also would benefit practitioners to show some flexibility during the holidays in terms of where, when, and under what circumstances a client can meet with them.  If that means they must bring along a young child, for instance, the agent may want to have an assistant baby-sit as a courtesy.   

Source: "Sell During the Holiday Season" Realty Times (11/21/12)

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