June 18, 2018

Some Numbers Tend to Bring Luck in Real Estate

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Some Numbers Tend to Bring Luck in Real Estate

A little superstition sometimes is at play in real estate when determining a price for a home. Some real estate professionals believe some numbers hold some luck at getting their listings sold. 

For example, Joe DeVito, a real estate broker in Brooklyn, N.Y., says many of his current listings have an eight in the asking price and few have a four. The reason? 

"They are priced for the luck and sold for the luck," DeVito told The Wall Street Journal. In the Sunset Park neighborhood, where many of his listings are, several of the residents are Asian. In the Chinese culture, eight is considered lucky while the number four is believed to hold some bad luck.

Sellers in Nevada may be a little superstitious too with their listing numbers and tend to rely on lucky number seven in home sales. A study by Trulia found that homes that had a seven before the zeros are 37 percent more common in Nevada than in the remainder of the country.

The Bible Belt in the South hopes that some lucky numbers will help them channel a higher power to get a property sold. Homes in the Southeast and South-central United States are 27 percent more likely to include the numbers 316 in the listing price -- which reflects John 3:16 from the Bible, according to the Trulia study. Also, ironically in that region, the numbers 666 -- sometimes associated with evil -- are 39 percent more common than anywhere else in the United States. 

Source: “Do You Feel Lucky?” The Wall Street Journal (Nov. 8, 2012)

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