May 26, 2018

Android Phone Users Beware of Bug

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Android Phone Users Beware of Bug

The FBI has issued a warning about recent malware attacks that are targeting the operating systems on Android smartphones. 

The Internet Crime Complaint Center, also known as “IC3,” has warned users about malware known as “FinFisher,” which can remotely control and monitor all of your communications on your phone. FinFisher can land on a phone when you visit a specific Web link or open a text message that poses as a system update, according to IC3.

The IC3 is also warning Android users to watch out for another spyware called “Loozfon,” which tries to steal your address book contacts. The malware can get on your phone if you click on a popular fake money-making, work-at-home opportunity on an e-mail or ad. If you do, you’ll be directed to a Web site that can put Loozfon on your phone. 

To keep your phone bug-free, the FBI encourages all mobile phone users to carefully review the developer or company before downloading any application, be cautious of any that want to enable geo-location, don’t connect to any unknown wireless networks, and enable a passcode screen lock for your phone every few minutes of inactivity. The FBI also encourages users to get malware protection for their smartphone. 

Source: “FBI Issues Android Smartphone Malware Warning,” Forbes (Oct. 15, 2012)

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