May 26, 2018

Urban Buyers Choose Custom Over Cookie Cutter

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Urban Buyers Choose Custom Over Cookie Cutter

Developers have noticed that condo and townhouse buyers enjoy having the chance to create their own living space.

Mary Kate West, who moved with her husband into a four-floor, 4,000-square-foot town home in Chicago's trendy Lincoln Park neighborhood last year, said, "Nothing here is cookie-cutter. Everything is thought out. If there's a molding, we chose it. We even have a coffered ceiling. You don't typically find that in a town home," reports the Chicago Tribune.

The developer, LG Construction + Development, provided for a block of hours with one of several design teams in its contracts, so that buyers could choose fixtures, furnishings, and more.

Vintage properties aren't being ignored. Waterton Residential in Chicago is converting a 1920s hotel in the high-end Gold Coast neighborhood to residential units.

Lela Cirjakovic, senior vice president of operations for Waterton Residential, told the Tribune that the developer is preserving quirky details such as old-style mail chutes. And the property's history means that few units are the same. "All of the layouts are different," Cirjakovic said. "Each place feels like its own."
Source: "When cookie-cutter won't cut it," Chicago Tribune (Sept. 21, 2012)
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