May 21, 2018

Have We Entered a ‘Post-PC World?’

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Have We Entered a ‘Post-PC World?’

Apple CEO Tim Cook keeps stressing life in the “post-PC world” and with tablet sales surging in recent months, more analysts are starting to believe he’s right. 

Worldwide tablet sales are expected to skyrocket 98 percent this year alone, according to Gartner Inc., a market research firm. 

Tablets have also surged in popularity among the real estate industry too. A recent survey conducted by a marketing technology company Imprev found that the iPad is the marketing tool that more than three out of four of 110 real estate professionals say they most want to have. 

Apple continues to dominate the tablet sector, despite highly hyped roll-outs like Amazon’s Kindle Fire (which runs Google’s Android operating system). Apple commands about 61 percent of the tablet market share. 

“Despite PC vendors and phone manufacturers wanting a piece of the pie and launching themselves into the media tablet market, so far, we have seen very limited success outside of Apple with its iPad,” researcher Carolina Milanesi noted in the report. 

Apple last year sold about 40 million iPads, and with the release of its third-generation iPad, which debuted last month, it’s expected to reach 73 million in tablet sales this year, compared with 37.8 million Android tablets this year. 

The main obstacle for Android tablets “has been the lack of applications that are dedicated to tablets and therefore take advantage of their capabilities,” the report notes. 

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