June 17, 2018

How to Work With Today’s Savvy Investors

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How to Work With Today’s Savvy Investors

Investors nowadays are more willing to pay cash or make a large down payment as they seek to get in on real estate deals for renting or flipping, according to a recent article at Realty Times. 

Some investors are eyeing real estate as a better investment than money market funds or stocks. 

Julie Wyss, a short sale and luxury home specialist in Silicon Valley, Calif., offers some of the following tips in a recent article at Realty Times for working with today’s savvy investors: 

Understand what they want: Many investors will want to look at short sales or fixer uppers. They expect you to understand distressed sales as well as their investment goals so you can find them the right properties that match their needs. 

Be good at negotiating. You should be able to spot a good deal for your client and advise them on a suitable offers based on market values. Also, review the rate and terms of the deal closely and make sure it’s what the investor wants — they trust you to have their back. Make sure there are no problems with liens or easements. 

Electronic signatures: “They appreciate the convenience of electronic signatures, when permitted,” Wyss writes. “Electronic signatures are not allowed on a short sale, but offering to send a traveling notary or providing curb-side pick up can overcome that obstacle and help them maintain a sense of control without actually managing you.”

Have people who can help them: They may need vendors who can help fix up the property, so have people on hand to recommend, such as painters, hardwood floor finishers, roofers, general contractors, landscapers, pool repairers, and HVAC companies. Make sure the contractors are not only reliable and offer good service but also competitive prices. 

Source: “Real Estate Investors Offer Big Pay Off, If You Can Keep Up,” Realty Times (Feb. 10, 2012)

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