April 21, 2018

QR Codes: Give Them a Reason to Scan

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QR Codes: Give Them a Reason to Scan

QR (Quick Response) codes must be used correctly to serve as valuable marketing tools.

QR codes should direct consumers to a mobile landing page, otherwise they load slowly, do not format correctly, and do not allow for easy browsing.  They also must be accompanied by a clear call to action, encouraging consumers to scan for a discount or to receive useful information. After consumers scan the QR code, there must be an exclusive offer or important content or information waiting for them. 

Although QR codes can be had for free, experts say it is important that they come with reporting tools, which can help real estate agents gauge the success of their marketing campaign.  Free codes also prevent changes in content, requiring that a new QR code be created. 

Finally, agents should keep the URL short to make the code easier to scan.

Source: "The 5 Rules of QR Codes" RISMedia (12/11/11)

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