April 23, 2018

Top 10 'Haunted' Houses for Sale

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Top 10 'Haunted' Houses for Sale features a list of the top 10 haunted houses for sale -- which was compiled with help from paranormal experts, ghost tour guides, and real estate agents. 

These haunted homes include a bed and breakfast in New Orleans, a horse farm in Kentucky, a farm house in New York, a haunted Halloween house in Mobile, a $15 million mansion in Los Angeles, and the "Psycho" murder victim's house in Beverly Hills. 

Also on the list are the Edina, Minn., home purportedly haunted by the ghost of Dean Martin; the John Brown hanging site in Charlestown, W.Va.; a mansion in Southington, Ohio, that once belonged to Mike Tyson; and Ozzie and Harriet's house in Hollywood.

Source: "Real Estate Website Lists Top 10 Haunted Homes for Sale," NewsNet5 (OH) (10/26/11)

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