February 21, 2018

Commercial: Feature Articles

  • Fri, 01/01/1999

    One of the most conspicuous trends in commercial real estate is consolidation of real estate services. Why has a business that has traditionally been fragmented, localized, and entrepreneurial undergone such a profound change?

  • Tue, 12/01/1998

    Optimism carries the industry, despite Wall Street meltdown

  • Tue, 07/01/1997

    Shopping mall owners and developers must meet the demands of the time-crunched, value-oriented consumer or be prepared for the industry's growth to stumble, according to Wall Street analysts at the annual convention of the International Council of Shopping Centers.

  • Tue, 07/01/1997

    A bright forecast for the nation's commercial real estate markets.

  • Tue, 04/01/1997

    With almost all states looking at electricity deregulation, new energy choices are in your future, and so are the challenges that go along with the breakup of a virtual monopoly.

  • Sat, 03/01/1997

    In what it's billing as a first-of-its-kind intermediary service, a Santa Clara, Calif.-based company is helping residential specialists place commercial leads with qualified commercial brokers.

  • Sat, 03/01/1997

    Commercial sectors are looking healthy these days, according to information culled from numerous reports put out by the E & Y Kenneth Leventhal Real Estate Group, San Francisco.

  • Tue, 10/01/1996

    With assets exceeding $120 billion, real estate investment trusts (REITs) are emerging as a dominant force in the commercial market. And they're changing the way real estate investment is regarded on Wall Street and Main Street.

  • Mon, 07/01/1996

    With the struggling retail industry desperate to attract a shrinking pool of free-spending consumers, national chains are looking to new avenues to reach shoppers.

  • Sat, 06/01/1996

    Today, we're told, more than 20 million American employees work out of their home offices. That's enough to dismay any commercial broker. After all, the teleworking trend could translate into a significant decrease in the need for commercial office space.