April 24, 2018

Commercial: Feature Articles

  • Tue, 09/08/2015

    When you’re a ten-minute drive from your rental, it’s no trouble to stop in to fix a leaky faucet. But what happens when your property’s out of town — or even out of state?

  • Mon, 08/17/2015

    The legalization of pot in many states has led cannabis entrepreneurs to seek out commercial practitioners for help in securing property.

  • Wed, 07/15/2015

    When buildings outlast their initial utility, savvy practitioners can help give these structures a new, viable role in their communities.

  • Tue, 06/09/2015

    Rental markets are exploding in the wake of the housing crisis. Here’s how to tell if the expansion has overheated.

  • Wed, 05/06/2015

    In just one year, online financing has become an important feature of the commercial real estate scene.

  • Thu, 03/26/2015

    While there’s tremendous success to be had in the world of investment properties, the unsightly truth is that one bad tenant can cause a monumental setback.

  • Wed, 03/18/2015

    Transit-oriented developments are reflecting the preferences of today’s younger professionals. Learn what leading-edge developers are thinking. 

  • Mon, 02/09/2015

    Property management companies make it easy for professional landlords and investors alike to own and manage rental properties. But it’s important to choose the right one.

  • Mon, 02/09/2015

    Building owners and property managers can leverage technology, amenities, and infrastructure to help tenants create a best-in-class health and wellness experience for their employees.

  • Thu, 01/15/2015

    Home owners are flocking to connected devices to manage everything from energy use to home security with their smartphones. But does this technology make sense for property managers and others in the commercial real estate realm?