November 27, 2015

2008 Data Security Buyer's Guide: Protect Yourself by Backing Up Your Data

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2008 Data Security Buyer's Guide: Protect Yourself by Backing Up Your Data

Regularly backing up your files can make your business more secure.

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One of the most reliable forms of protection against loss or corrupted data, stolen or damaged hardware: A timely back-up of your files.

You’ve always been told to back-up your work — but how good are you about actually doing it regularly?

Well, now you don’t have to. While in the past, this once required you taking the initiative, today’s back-up solutions automate that process, operating in the background while you work, and copying data at predetermined intervals set by you.

Here are some data back-up options:

External hard drives: Most external drives now come bundled with back-up software that can be set to automatically copy your files. Choices are as vast and varied as the range of drives, from USB flash drives to multi-gig portable drives to desktop peripherals with as much as a terabyte of storage space.

Operating systems: The latest versions of the computer operating systems include features to make backing up files as painless as possible. Vista’s Windows Back-up and Restore gives users of most versions of Vista the tools for automated or scheduled back-ups to a disk or location selected by the user. Time Machine, a feature of Apple’s OS X Leopard edition, maintains an incremental copy of all files and changes made to them, as you work.

Web based back-up services: These solutions for remote back-up of computer data online are becoming increasingly popular, even bundled with new hardware. Dell’s DataSafe Online BackUp solution lets you select which files you want backed-up, and then schedule how often the file copies are updated. HP’s Upline service offers individual and business plans to copy or retrieve files wherever they connect a computer to the Web.

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