November 30, 2015

Buyer’s Guide: 2012 Multimedia Software and Services


Buyer’s Guide: 2012 Multimedia Software and Services

You can shine online and in person with professional-quality presentations and tours. Discover the key ingredients for any real estate pro’s multimedia marketing recipe in this guide.

When you’re trying to convince sellers you’re the right one to represent them or convey the appeal of their home, it’s often not what you say but how you say it that determines success.

To make your best case, you have a selection of multimedia software and cloud services to use to impress your audience. These provide tools and templates for combining whatever content — photos, video, text, and graphics — you can turn into a professional-quality production with a soundtrack and narration.

Real estate professionals already employing these solutions are pushing a new standard for promoting services and listings. And regardless of where your production skills are right now, you can soon join their ranks. Today’s multimedia solutions range from simple to sophisticated. All provide the means for more effective marketing, with presentations and tours you’ll be proud to have speaking for you and your services.