November 29, 2015

2012 Multimedia: Specs That Matter


2012 Multimedia: Specs That Matter

Multimedia solutions offer some great tools for real estate marketing.

Selling real estate has always required visual aids: sample ads, a CMA report, flyers, and photos of homes. In the old days, that’s all it took.

Today, the real estate marketing revolution that began with online tours has evolved into a multimedia extravaganza. Buyers and sellers now actively search YouTube and the Web for videos about real estate and local listings. The best of those productions are built with multimedia software or cloud services — online applications and storage — for content creation, editing, and distribution. These empower you with options once only available through professional services, at a fraction of the cost.

In fact, the basics you need for building a more engaging listing presentation or video tour are available for free in programs like Movie Maker for Windows or the iLifesuite on Macs. These are a starting point, and they may be good enough for many users. If you demand more features and creative control, there’s an assortment of affordable software and services for the aspiring director in you, beginning with programs like PowerPoint.

Multimedia solutions provide the framework for combining whatever content you require into a single, persuasive message. Today, that’s likely to include digital images, video clips, text, support charts and graphics, maps, and hyperlinks. In addition, most solutions include libraries of graphics, animation sequences, and transitions to enliven your productions. When working with canned content, you have the option of customizing it to speak uniquely for you.

You’ll likely use your multimedia projects to promote your services and listings online and off. Today’s software and services will automatically render your programs in appropriate formats for uploading to social networking sites and YouTube, embedding on your own Web site, and displaying on computers and mobile devices. Several now provide players for presentations on tablet computers.

All of these solutions simplify multimedia production and distribution, but that’s not to suggest there’s little effort involved. Creating a multimedia presentation or tour takes some time, especially when you’re new to this. The results, though, will make a compelling case for your real estate skills, professionalism, and marketing acumen.