November 26, 2015

2012 Multimedia: Glossary


2012 Multimedia: Glossary

Here are some terms you’ll come across as you explore multimedia options.

3GP: A file format for displaying and viewing videos on some mobile handsets.

Customization: In multimedia, the ability to exchange or modify provided multimedia, graphics, or text for a more personalized production.

Flash: One of the most popular formats for online video and animation. Flash files are identified by the file extension FLV. These require the Adobe Flash Player for viewing, which is bundled into most operating systems or available as a download. Flash is not compatible with Apple devices running iOS and is slowly being replaced by HTML5 (below).

Formats: In multimedia, the different versions of a file rendered by the program for viewing in specific settings or on specific devices. Video formats are identified by filename extensions such as AVI, MPEG, MPEG-4, and MOV, among others, while audio formats are identified by such extensions as MP3, WAV, and others.

HTML5: The most recent version of HTML code, which eliminates the need for plug-in software such as Flash in order to view a video file online.

Mobile: In multimedia discussions, mobile or mobile-ready usually refers to content that is properly formatted and optimized for display on mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones.

MP3: A popular file format for audio recordings.

Themes: A design format to ensure a consistent look throughout a presentation or multimedia production.

Transition: A visual effect, such as a fade or dissolve, that appears as the content progresses from one slide, image, or clip to the next.