December 1, 2015

Buyer’s Guide: 2012 Smartphones


Buyer’s Guide: 2012 Smartphones

The class of 2012 smartphones gains on all fronts, which should make these versatile devices even more of a fixture in real estate. Review this guide to discover what features and functions you should look for, and how much it will cost.

The smartphone is now themobile office for an ever-growing number of real estate professionals. They’re carrying less equipment as they’re able to do more with this hub of productivity: running apps, retrieving files and contracts, accessing the latest listing info from the Web or their MLS, taking pictures, and communicating with buyers and sellers in whatever mode they prefer.

These devices and their capabilities continue to advance at such a relentless pace that if you bought yours just a year ago, you might suffer a little smartphone envy as you survey the current field. For, the smartphone market carries one unique limitation: The most affordable options are typically tethered to a two-year service contract, periodically forbidding many users the advantages of the latest technology.

But if your contract is expiring and it’s time for a new phone — or you if can justify upgrading your device as a business investment — you may find yourself overwhelmed trying to decide which one can best drive your career forward. In this category, lack of options is not a problem.