November 28, 2015

What Others Are Saying About Smartphones in 2011


What Others Are Saying About Smartphones in 2011

Get the latest on smartphones from your peers.

“Screen Is Key”

When sales associate Yolanda Castro of Century 21 Buena Vista, Ventura, Calif., decided last year that it was time to get a new smartphone, one feature mattered most. “I had a Blackberry before and didn’t care for the screen size,” she says.

Her choice? The iPhone. “Now it’s easier to see my screen,” she says.

Her primary use is for mobile correspondence with clients by e-mail, but she also takes advantage of a variety of apps, including Supra’s eKey. “I always have my phone and my eKey adapter on my keychain, so I never forget my key to access Supra lockboxes,” she says.


“Technology is not the silver bullet. Real estate is still about building relationships and meeting people face-to-face,” says Barrett Powell, broker of The Southern Advantage Team, Coldwell Banker Advantage, in Cary, N.C. “The main advantage of a smartphone is how it allows you to communicate with buyers, sellers, and prospects immediately, whether they call or send you an e-mail or text.”

A tech enthusiast, Powell has tried all of the smartphone platforms and currently relies on HTC’s EVO and an iPhone as his primary handsets. “If you’re not real tech savvy, you might want to stick with something familiar and easy to operate like a Blackberry or Windows smartphone,” he advises. “But if you’re real comfortable with technology, and a lot of your clients are from Generation X or Generation Y, look at the iPhone or any of the Android phones now available.”

And, whatever smartphone you select, load it with a mobile app that provides easy, instant access to listing information. “It’s just such a convenience to be able to quickly search and find what property is available in the area, wherever you are,” Powell says.