November 28, 2015

How Others Are Using GPS and Navigation Systems in 2009

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How Others Are Using GPS and Navigation Systems in 2009

Can't make up your mind on which one you want to buy? Here's what other real estate pros are using and why.

In this Guide:

"Safety First"

Name: Kathy Mooney
Company: Prudential Florida Realty, Oviedo, Fla.
System: Garmin 225 GPS

“I feel I am a safer driver, and no longer worry I might miss a street,” says Mooney, GRI. “I can’t believe how much less stressful it’s made my job!” Mooney purchased a Garmin 225 GPS system in January after talking with colleagues and researching options online. With so many homes for sale, she needed help charting unfamiliar neighborhoods. “Voice command with upcoming street names was a key feature. I want to keep my eyes on the road,” she says. “It’s been so helpful I wish I’d spent money on this a long time ago.”

"My Cellular Solution"

Name: Client LaCour
Company: Keller Williams/Red Stick Partners, Baton Rouge, La.
System: Telenav

LaCour, a buyers’ specialist, didn’t have to shop for a navigation solution. The Telenav service came bundled with his Sprint Blackberry Curve as part of his unlimited calling and data plan. He considers it a superior alternative to the portable GPS systems he’s sampled in the past. “I always have the most current information without worrying about updating anything,” he says. “I go on the Internet, upload my addresses and directions with maps, and voice prompts are available on my phone when I need them." In the field, he dials the service, announces an address and directions are on the way. "It’s always convenient, and easy to use,” he says.

"It Keeps Me on Time"

Name: Jeff Safrin
Company: F.C. Tucker/Advantage Realty, Valparaiso, Ind.
System: Garmin nuvi 660

“If you spend a lot of time driving, a GPS system is one of the best investments you can make,” says Safrin, vice president of F.C.Tucker/Advantage Realty. He relies on a portable widescreen Garmin nuvi 660 with optional traffic update module to find his way around the town and surrounding countryside. “When I’m traveling into an unfamiliar rural area, I don’t have to ask the client for directions,“ he says. “It also keeps track of my time, continually updating my estimated arrival. If I am running behind, I can call ahead and let the client know I’ll be late.”

"All From the Car Dashboard"

Name: Dave Abdallah
Company: Century 21 Curran & Christie, Dearborn Heights, Mich.
System: Dashboard GPS In Mercedes

Abdallah regards the GPS navigation system installed in his Mercedes as much a necessity as his cell phone. “I can’t live without it,” he says. “I’m always on the phone, and rely on my GPS system, to tell me where I’m going, what turn I make next.” Before heading out, Abdallah can enter several addresses and then let the system guide him from one to another, in any order. “When I need to find a gas station or restaurant, it tells me what’s in the immediate area and guides me there, too” he says. “Clients never have any doubt I know my way around.”

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