November 29, 2015

2012 Tablets: Shopping Tips


2012 Tablets: Shopping Tips

The right tablet can be a fun, stylish, truly liberating tool for mobile productivity. Here are some considerations to help refine your options.

Think Real Estate First: You have distinct professional needs for software apps and support services. Start with your local MLS and see which tablet operating system it supports and what search apps are available or in development. Also inquire about what’s acceptable for digital contracts and signatures and what you’ll need to go paperless with your tablet. And see what tablet support is offered by the publishers of the real estate software you use.

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Get Expert Advice: Someone in your office or market area has already transitioned to a tablet. They can be your best resource for advice on which tablet to buy and what you’ll need to make it a fully functional real estate tool.

Check the App Stores: For an idea of the many ways a tablet can empower your career, search real estate in the respective app stores: iPad, Android tablets, Blackberry PlayBook, and Windows.

Make Comparison Points: First, establish your price range as it will quickly narrow the field. The amount of internal storage and compatibility with wireless broadband networks will impact price of models offered by good-better-best versions. Camera quality varies, but none yet rival the optics of a true camera. If you’re not comfortable using an on-screen keyboard, you’ll want the option of a keyboard dock or an accessory keyboard. Screens determine size and weight of tablets and their power needs. Treat estimates of battery life with some skepticism, however. Ultimately, it depends on how you use your tablet.

See for Yourself: The tablet you buy should feel good and look right in hand. You can’t make that determination online. Visit stores — including your cellular services provider — to explore features and run some apps on different models.

Buy Now ... or Wait: With technology, there’s always something better on its way. Microsoft recently unveiled its Surface without a price or delivery date. And rumors abound about a coming iPad mini and other new tablets. You can wait and see what comes next … or buy now and start taking advantage of all a tablet can do.