November 25, 2015

2012 Tablets: Peer Recommendations


2012 Tablets: Peer Recommendations

What are other real estate practitioners using to become more effective mobile professionals?

“All I Need”

“My tablet really is my all-in-one device; it’s essential to how I work,” says Lee Davenport, SFR, with RE/MAX Around Atlanta in Atlanta. “It serves as my lockbox; I use it as a flashlight, as a camera, to show buyers property, and to scan and sign documents.”

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In late 2010, Davenport opted for a 32 GB Samsung Galaxy Tab as her next computer. She chose the smaller version with the 7-inch screen as a more portable alternative to the laptop she had been carrying. “I wanted something with a screen larger than a smartphone,” she says. “I can actually put this in my pocket.”

That generates a lot of interest. “When I go to a conference and people see me using it, they want to know what it is, what the alternatives are to the iPad,” she says.

“Looking Ahead”

Like many real estate professionals, Jerry Newman, ABR, with Keller Williams IH-10 in San Antonio, accepts there is a tablet in his future. At this juncture, though, he’s not exactly sure which one it will be.

“I’ve seen a lot of agents using tablets, and they’re not nearly as bulky to carry as a laptop,” he says. “For that convenience, and the number of programs available for them, I see how I could use one.”

Newman was leaning toward an iPad, but then he learned of Google’s newly announced Nexus 7 tablet. He’s already a big fan of Google’s Gmail, Calendar, and Docs. “I’m in a shopping mode, facing some choices,” he says. Key factors for him include the screen’s size, the device’s weight, and the availability of useful real estate apps. “I’m taking it all in, trying to decide.”

“Work and Play”

Terkel Sorensen, SFR, with Burke Real Estate Consultants in Temecula, Calif., owns two tablets: an iPad for personal and family use and the Motorola Xoom for real estate. “The iPad has a huge advantage because of all the apps available for it,” he notes. “Even real estate companies focus on developing apps for it first.”

The Xoom supports Flash, however, a key feature for his business needs. “In real estate, the most important thing we’re going to use a tablet for is mobile searches of the MLS,” he explains. “In some places, the local MLS still uses Flash and the iPad doesn’t support that.”

With that caveat, Sorensen strongly recommends some tablet as your next computer. “I tell anyone who asks, ‘Don’t buy a laptop; get a tablet,’” he says, “[It] is so much lighter and more mobile, with everything you need so you no longer have to make trips back to the office.”