November 24, 2017

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  • The 2013 Good Neighbor winner is ever on the look out for ways to shine a light on the hidden struggles in her community. 

  • NAR’s communicators have been busy reassessing the ways we connect with you.

  • Jacob Feichter started selling houses the year Amelia Earhart disappeared. But for this centenarian broker-owner, real estate never gets old.

  • Guest Editor Tim Blair urges residential pros intrigued by the commercial side to become educated about the vast differences in business practices.

  • Despite obstacles, our guest editor never lost sight of her long-term financial goals.

  • During this transformative time for the country and the industry, William E. Brown is keeping your interests at heart.

  • Guest editor Kristina Rhodes, a former Good Neighbor winner, is working as hard as ever to make dreams come true—for clients and kids.

  • You can help quell irrational thinking that prevents buyers and sellers from getting what they truly want.
    Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert explains how human nature thwarts smart decision-making—and what you can do about it.


  • You don’t have to be an extrovert to excel in sales; you do have to own up to your style and strengths. Extroverted agents may have an easy time gaining attention, but Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, points out how the building of one-on-one connections may lead to the most effective business relationships.


  • Guest Editor Kimberly Allard-Moccia pins her success to the REALTOR® brand.