April 20, 2018

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  • Knowing how to find clothes that fit, complement your coloring, and make sense for your budget are all key to looking great on the job.

  • Whether you’re on the go or working from home, we’ve got style advice specifically tailored to your day-in-the-life as a real estate pro.

  • The classics are great, but it might be time to hang some current styles in your closet. Here are some trends that you’ll see hitting stores this fall.

  • We asked our friends and followers on various social media platforms about common businesswear faux pas and for practical fashion advice for their colleagues in the industry. Here are some of our favorite responses.

  • Find fashion and style resources that can help you build or rethink your business wardrobe.

  • Watch these two videos to learn what trends to embrace, what to avoid, and how to suit your coloring and body type with the right business attire.

  • Brokers and NAR leadership discussed the place of® in the listing landscape and the future of industry data at a conference held in Chicago this month.

  • The 2013 member profile reveals that REALTOR® income is up by almost a quarter over last year, but the survey holds a wealth of other information about the challenges and opportunities for the real estate professional of the future.

  • A well-known contact relationship management software company has expanded its reach by partnering with two of the most popular document management systems in the cloud.

  • Prescription drugs stolen from open houses are finding their way into the black market. Do your part by offering sellers a medicine cabinet keeper.