April 24, 2014

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  • Deck: Incorporating environmentally friendly practices into your business is so much more than just going paperless. Learn how to market green property, keep environmentally conscious clients happy, cut down office waste, and more.

  • From the listing presentation, to marketing a property and knowing a green structure when you see one, there are many ways to incorporate the environment into the home sales process.

  • Whether their dream home is a green home, or they're looking to reduce the carbon footprint of their move, environmentally conscious home buyers need your help.

  • Real estate may have you out and about most of the day, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take a good look at the sustainability of your office environment.

  • Clients looking for green movers? Or maybe you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly closing gift. Check out our selection of green products and services that can help.

  • When we reached out to our friends on social media for ideas of how to go green, REALTORS® responded with some great tips.

  • It started with a simple bike corral. Now Chad Thompson shows his street cred through his involvement in charities, business associations, and environmental organizations in the Broad Ripple neighborhood of Indianapolis.

  • Sharon Steele learned quickly in her real estate career that marketing other people's businesses could be the key to success in her cozy New Jersey community.

  • You want to be plugged in, but you don’t want to sacrifice your business for tech solutions that are just shiny objects that don’t perform. Learn how to pull it off.

  • Want to know what’s next on the tech scene, or get new ideas for using your old standbys? We’ve got the latest buzz.