May 28, 2018

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  • When crafting real estate ads, use language that will reach consumers through their eyes, ears, and emotions.

  • Offering tasty treats at your open house encourages buyers to linger longer. However, food can also be a huge hassle. Mark Nash shares his list of 10 rules you should follow when serving food at an open house, as well as his four favorite open-house recipes.

  • If any details fall through the cracks, you can jeopardize the deal, your professional reputation, and your potential for referrals. Follow these practical tips to make sure that you never drop the ball in a transaction.

  • By re-evaluating your strengths and weakness and improving your marketing skills, you can maintain a consistent pipeline of business and reinvigorate your career to reach the next level.

  • By targeting a niche, you can customize your marketing message to the particular concerns of your target group. Here are some new ways to think about approaching a niche within your farm area.

  • The relocation business knows no season. If you don’t already work with this important niche, here are some things you should know about the relocation business before you get started.

  • It might be time to make an honest assessment of whether you have the skills needed to have a successful career in real estate sales.