February 25, 2018

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  • Long before federal recognition of same-sex marriage, REALTORS® blazed a trail for LGBT fairness in the Code of Ethics.

  • NFL Hall of Famer-turned-real estate entrepreneur Emmitt Smith says you have to be a risk-taker to get what you want.

  • John Kersten became a power fundraiser for Easter Seals by helping people with disabilities realize their potential.

  • Lori Judge supports budding artists in her community by turning her brokerage's building into a public art project.

  • Environmental issues affect real estate sales in myriad ways, from the increasing focus on energy-efficient buildings to the impact of droughts and hurricanes on home sales. As public perceptions about changing climate conditions, natural resource management, and other environmental threats are debated, practitioners can attest to the impact such factors are having on their business.

  • In drought-stricken California, one real estate pro's backlash against aggressive development has helped to establish common ground with clients and the community.

  • In the face of a changing climate, one agent encouraged clients to fight back against excessive flood insurance requirements.

  • With land at a premium in Texas, fracking is an issue that divides and affects entire communities.

  • With the right approach, you can turn FSBOs into your biggest fans.

  • When friends or loved ones become your clients, make the business relationship your priority.