May 20, 2018

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  • The "gift of gab" may not always be a gift when it comes to working with clients. Pointed and effective communication through the use of questions can often help relay messages and gather information with the greatest impact.

  • In real estate and cooking, a good outcome is the result of careful planning, timing, and choosing the right ingredients. Learn how you can find the right “recipe” for your business.

  • If you're waiting for a dramatic turnaround in the market to save your business, stop. Instead, get mentally stronger and improve your commitment to your career.

  • When clients pass you referrals, make sure to put some time in to qualify them to increase your odds of becoming their agent.

  • Getting leads is easier than ever, thanks to all of the technology at your disposal today. But it's important to qualify them so that you're focusing your time and energy on the right consumers.

  • Getting ahead in today's real estate market means mastering the three Ps: prospecting, presentations, and pricing.

  • Changes in real estate are coming fast and furious, and one of the biggest revolutions is in the mobile sector. How can you promote yourself in this space?

  • Consumers today are looking for expertise in their real estate agents. Make sure you're playing the part.

  • As we head into the spring selling season, the passion for the business seems to be on the rise for our industry. The energy level of practitioners and buyers is higher than I’ve seen it in a while, and that’s certainly welcome news for all of us in real estate.

  • In business, the scoreboard is a key part of assessing performance. Do you have a scoreboard? If you do, what numbers are on it? How often do you check it? When the numbers point to you being behind, what do you do?