May 26, 2018

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  • Bruce Aydt answers your ethics questions.

  • Bruce Aydt answers your ethics questions.

  • Standard of Practice 3-2 requires the listing broker to communicate any changes in offers of compensation before an offer to purchase is produced.

  • The Code of Ethics doesn’t require brokers to compensate one another—but MLS rules may.

  • A limited-service listing can be an exclusive listing even if it doesn’t provide the range of services you define as full service. Contact the broker first and obtain permission before you call the seller.

  • When is it safe to step in on the sale?

  • There are no predetermined rules for what constitutes procuring cause and what entitles a salesperson to a commission.

  • In exclusive buyer agency agreements, the standard is to make sure that prospect is eligible.

  • Exclusivity determines who you can work with.

  • A cooperating broker isn’t required to obtain the listing broker’s permission to advertise a property as sold unless the property hasn’t closed. After closing, there’s no restriction on posting such a sign, though the co-op broker should do so only with the new owner’s permission.