May 26, 2018

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  • The new Home Valuation Code of Conduct, a set of rules created to prevent those who stand to profit from a real estate transaction from putting undue pressure on the appraiser,  prohibit mortgage brokers and real estate brokers from ordering appraisals and require that lenders erect a firewall between loan production staff and the appraiser. Since the rules took effect, however, they've set off a firestorm of protest around the country.

  • If consumers search your name on Google, chances are they’ll find information that paints a picture of you—your capabilities, your work ethic, your professionalism. Will you like the picture they find?

  • Case-Shiller might be lauded by the financial press, while NAR is assumed to be promoting a positive spin, but let’s be clear: OFHEO and NAR don’t have relationships with hedge funds on the side.

  • You already know that steering is wrong because discrimination is wrong. What you may not realize is steering also tears down communities and their schools. Practitioners owe the community a better way to sell its homes.

  • A buyer’s market raises the stakes, and your sellers will need to do a lot more work on their homes to get the highest price possible. Cleaning, painting, and repairing may not be enough. Let’s take the most basic selling suggestions and explore why these are such important mantras.

  • It's high time we told buyers (and sellers, for that matter) the truth about whether a home is a good investment. Owning a home isn't the same kind of investment as stocks or bonds. Here are five reasons why you get more for your money with a house than the stock market.

  • Americans really know how to overspend. Bankruptcies, mortgage delinquencies, and credit card debts are all on the rise. But some of that debt isn't totally their fault. Here's a look at consumer debt is snowballing, in the form of bankruptcies and delinquencies.

  • Many buyers continue to bench themselves, waiting for rates and housing prices to dip lower. With all the housing market hubbub in the papers and on TV, they might be struggling to sort out the facts.What can you do to turn them back onto housing?

  • Instead of dealing with the angst of the credit-crunched first-timer, the bloodthirstiness of the bargain-hunter, or the denial of the seller, it’s time you start working with investors.

  • Interested in taking your real estate career down a new path? You might want to check out real estate management. Not only is there a large pool of potential clients who own — or are looking to own — an investment or rental property, but there are many job openings as aging property managers retire, he says.