November 28, 2015

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  • Encourage buyers to scrutinize a quickly remodeled home.

  • How to avoid lawsuits over survey and boundary disputes

  • Distressed sales hurt communities; they don't have to hurt you.

  • It’s natural to want to help your friends and relatives buy or sell a home. But just because you’re close doesn’t mean that you can take any shortcuts in the sales process. A transaction for a friend or relative requires the same care that you’d give any other deal.

  • By properly documenting every step of the repair process, you’ll prevent transaction delays - and quite possibly protect yourself and your clients from legal trouble. To make certain you don’t have to deal with a dissatisfied buyer in court, follow these steps.

  • Many serious injuries, health problems, and deaths from accidents occur at homes and businesses every year. Your best insurance is to plan ahead and know what to do when an injury occurs.

  • Even if you need to make room for the next client’s pile of paper, don’t give in to the temptation to toss or thin out old files. Doing so puts you at a huge legal disadvantage if a dispute arises.

  • Whether you represent the buyer or the seller, looking over the property and providing the findings in writing is a smart way to reduce your liability and protect yourself and your client. Make it your mantra to “ask, look, and recommend.” Otherwise, what you don’t see, and don’t disclose, may hurt you in court.

  • A company has the right to access an independent contractor’s e-mail if the data is stored on the company’s server, a federal appellate court has ruled.

  • Every occupation has a standard that’s determined by law or evolved by custom. Do you know what it means for you as a real estate professional?