May 21, 2018

Derek Sprague

Derek Sprague

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Old-School Commercial Prospector

Derek Sprague is a numbers guy. His interest in analyzing market data coupled with mentoring by his father, a longtime real estate pro, led Sprague to his true passion: commercial sales. “In the end, a snowball turned into an avalanche and I was committed to the commercial real estate industry by the time I graduated from college in 2007,” says Sprague, 29. Rather than focusing on a particular niche, Sprague has gained knowledge about a variety of commercial specialties—agricultural, office, retail, industrial—to serve a wide range of customers. He’s all about getting face-to-face with prospects: “Meeting new people without the protection of a keyboard or touch screen is the most effective prospecting tool available,” he says.

Broker-Owner/Manager | Sprague Real Estate Group | Bakersfield, Calif. |

Age: 29 |

2014 Company Sales Volume: $12.8 million | 2014 Company Sides: 34

2015 Honorees