April 23, 2018

Christopher R. McShane

Christopher R. McShane

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Getting the Scoop on New Business

Christopher R. McShane wanted to learn more about how the world worked. He first thought journalism would be the ticket, but a career in commercial real estate has led to a similar end. “Real estate as a discipline is truly a liberal art,” he says, describing the profession as the confluence of engineering, banking, politics, law, economics, and geography. Like a reporter, McShane, 28, spends long hours tracking down information. He scours bank data, loan portfolios, land holdings, and government regulations for his land-brokerage clients and corporate partners. His research and analytical skills have landed him greater management responsibilities and made him the company “go-to guy” for unearthing business opportunities.

Managing Director, Strategic Land Group | Site Services Group LLC | Atlanta, GA |

Age: 28 |

2012 Team Sales Volume: $13.2 million | 2012 Team Sides: 3

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