March 18, 2018

Alexander Phan

Alexander Phan

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Thrives on Feedback

Alexander Phan, 29, is so confident that his clients adore him and his team that he’s made their critiques a core part of his team’s marketing strategy. He is relentless in requesting Zillow reviews, which has culminated in his successful marketing tagline, “Oregon’s Most Reviewed Agents on Zillow.” The plethora of positive reviews has generated a great deal of new business. A former Intel employee, Phan is a technology leader: He  uses his iPad for listing presentations and shoots marketing videos from his iPhone, uploading the videos to the BombBomb platform to create personalized video e-mails for clients. “I always put myself in the consumer’s chair,” he says.

Broker-manager | Keller Williams Realty Professionals | Portland, OR |

Age: 29 |

2012 Team Sales Volume: $13 million | 2012 Team Sides: 61

2013 Honorees