May 24, 2018

Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith

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He tested a number of transaction management solutions before creating his own, SkySlope.

Smith is up at the crack of dawn. He uses the time for journaling, getting organized, or working out. "This head start is when I’m the most creative and accomplish the most," he says. To get in front of REO asset managers and clients, Smith uses a combination of personal notes, newsletters, and "Lunch & Learns." At the lunches, attendees see his smiling mug on the burrito wrappers and pizza boxes, along with the slogan "We deliver." His energy and creativity have put him in the top 50 Keller Williams teams in the country. His advice: Ask yourself every day, "How can I make myself stand out and connect with clients?"

Salesperson | Keller Williams Realty | Folsom, CA |

Age: 27 |

2010 Individual Sales Volume: $28.7 million | 2010 Individual Sides: 144

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