April 19, 2018

Christie Lee Kinchen

Christie Lee Kinchen

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When sisters Jennifer Hibbard and Christie Lee Kinchen (photo, right) started out in business together, people didn't believe they were twins, so Kinchen changed her hair to match Hibbard's and a brand was born: The Real Estate Twins -- Paired for Your Success. The fourth-generation practitioners started the coursework for their ABR(R) designations in 2002 before they began actively selling property. Their mother, a successful practitioner, said the credential would help sway prospects dubious about the twins' age. The pair, who had $15 million in sales volume in 2005, find buyers by posting listings on message boards at networking Web sites such as and

Niche play: Kinchen and Hibbard have tapped into a vein of like-minded 25- to 45-year-olds who are into vintage clothing, furniture, and homes. Mid-century modern homes account for more than three-quarters of their business.

Their close-up: The twins filmed an episode of HGTV's "House Hunters" in which they found a home for an engaged couple living in different states and moving to Phoenix to start married life together. The producer was impressed enough to invite Kinchen and Hibbard back for a show next season.

Associate broker | RE/MAX 2000 Phoenix Metro Area | Phoenix, AZ |

Age: 27 |

2005 Team Sales Volume: $15 million |

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