April 19, 2018

Bo Menkiti

Bo Menkiti

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Menkiti grew up in Boston where, playing goalie on a kids' hockey team, he learned about responsibility. His skills on the ice also got the attention of a private prep school and, eventually, Harvard University, where he played for three years.

Life values: Menkiti's father, a philosophy professor, emphasized principled behavior to his young son. Those lessons and a stint after college in "values-based consulting" (helping companies identify their core values) inspired Menkiti to choose knowledge, teamwork, community, and excellence as core values upon which to found his real estate business. His five-person sales team, which he started in 2004, closed $16.5 million in sales in 2005 by bringing high-end service to the middle market. Through his holding company, Aroli Group, Menkiti also engages in development and property management and has a joint venture with a title company.

Giving back: Menkiti fell in love with real estate because of the role it plays in creating vibrant, sustainable communities. Real estate professionals are stewards of the land and the backbone of community, he says. He donates a percentage of his commissions to educational and community development organizations working to revitalize city neighborhoods.

Keller Williams Capitol Properties; The Menkiti Group | Operating Principal; President | Washington, DC |

Age: 29 |

2005 Individual Sales Volume: $16.5 million |

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