April 20, 2018

Alex Wang

Alex Wang

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Wang took a risk and left college to start a dot-com business, which he describes as "a sort of Google for businesses." But the endeavor tanked after about eight months. "I'm not afraid of failure," says Wang. "Everyone makes mistakes; I just make sure I don't make them again."

Brainy pursuits: He returned to college, earning a degree in cognitive science. Then, he decided to put his knowledge of the human mind to work in real estate. His "traditional and conservative" Chinese parents initially discouraged him, even though they were successful commercial practitioners. But he persevered, and in 2005, he closed more than $10 million in sales.

Cultural mix: Wang was born in St. Louis but lived in Taiwan for a few years before settling in California. He's fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Acting bug: Wang also has an interest in acting and improvisation and has landed work as an extra in movies.

Broker | RE/MAX Santa Clara Valley | San Jose, CA |

Age: 28 |

2005 Individual Sales Volume: $10 million |

2006 Honorees