May 26, 2018

Stephanie Gilezan

Stephanie Gilezan

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“Be available. My cell phone is always on, and clients can reach me at any time.”

What makes her special: In 2001, with less than two years’ experience, Gilezan wasn’t eligible to become a broker, so she teamed up with a broker to found her company. Camp Miranda Gilezan now has 15 salespeople, including top producers she wooed from other companies.

Quick start: Fresh out of real estate school, Gilezan went after the steadiest source of business she could think of—new-home sales. The first builder she talked with gave her 27 spec homes to sell. As her name became synonymous with new-home sales, her volume continued to grow. In 2002 she did $13.2 million in sales volume; approximately 50 percent of that was new-home sales. She currently has a deal to sell 790 homes in a gated community. “We don’t always have to seek business now. Builders call us.”

How she builds buyers’ excitement: Gilezan videotapes neighborhoods and properties and shows the videos on her car TV/VCR to buyers as she drives them to a property.

Broker-owner | Camp Miranda Gilezan, REALTORS® | Louisville, KY |

Age: 25 |

2002 Individual Sales Volume: $13.2 million |

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