May 26, 2018

Nicole Yoder-Barnhart

Nicole Yoder-Barnhart

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“Never take no for an answer.”

What makes her special: She’s overcome an age and size deficit—the petite Yoder-Barnhart once appeared at a listing appointment and was mistaken for a friend of the sellers’ teenage son—to become a top performer at her company, reaching $11.7 million in sales in 2002.

Secrets of her success: Persistence, excellent service, and a big dose of confidence. Yoder-Barnhart started working as an administrative assistant at her company as part of a high school work-study program. She became licensed at 19 and now has a team, including three licensed buyer assistants and one administrative and marketing expert.

Don’t tell her no: One of her steady sources of listings is a group that brings together local builders and real estate practitioners. Once when a builder participant said he wouldn’t pay salespeople commissions, Yoder-Barnhart sought to change his view. “If someone says no to me, it fuels my fire,” she says. The builder now provides her with about 20 new listings per month.

Salesperson | HER, REALTORS®, The Real Living Network | Columbus, OH |

Age: 28 |

2002 Individual Sales Volume: $11.7 million |

2003 Honorees