May 26, 2018

Alvin Porch

Alvin Porch

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“Take time to refresh yourself. Build mini-vacations and days off into your business plan.”

What makes him special: Porch tosses housewarming parties for buyers. The buyers make the guest list, and Porch’s family catering company provides the food. It’s a fun time, but it’s also a chance for him to meet 30 to 75 new people. It’s no surprise that approximately 75 percent of Porch’s business is from referrals. In 2002 he did
$5.2 million in sales.

How he stays up-to-date: Porch participates in a monthly lunch with a small group of colleagues. Participants brainstorm, discuss problems, and exchange industry news.

Mutual accountability: Members of the group also set goals and talk about their goals. “The meetings are very motivating,” says Porch. “You keep your word when you know someone’s holding you accountable.”

Salesperson | Long & Foster Inc., REALTORS® | Bowie, MD |

Age: 28 |

2002 Individual Sales Volume: $5.2 million |

2003 Honorees