May 23, 2018

Saria Finkelstein

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Saria Finkelstein

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I feel like I’ve been in real estate since I was a little kid coloring under my grandpa’s desk in his brokerage office. Fast forward now to 2016, and my business is bigger than I could have ever dreamed or drawn when I was a kid. My grandmother taught me to time-block one day a week strictly for calling for no reason other than to make sure clients are receiving a five-star experience. I feel honored every single time a customer signs a contract with me because I know they have 60,000 other agents in my area they could have chosen.

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Team Member | Keller Williams Partners | Plantation, Fla. | | Age: 29 | 2016 Team Sales Volume: $130.8 million | 2016 Team Sides: 421 | 2016 Individual Sales Volume: $16.1 million | 2016 Individual Sides: 57

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