May 23, 2018

Ryan Glass

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Ryan Glass

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To achieve my dream of selling luxury real estate, I created a communications plan for the image I wanted, the audiences to reach, and the ways to reach them. I used Sotheby’s brand to promote myself. My website has weekly blog posts of Sotheby’s properties and auction items. I bought just enough expensive clothing to look the part. I branded a fact sheet with my own contact information and talking points from Sotheby’s “Wealth-X” report, which focuses on trends involving ultrahigh net worth individuals, and sent it to industry professionals. It has had a snowball effect. I closed three deals in 2016 above $1.4 million, and I attribute it to my strategic marketing and branding.

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Salesperson | Gibson Sotheby’s International | Boston, Mass. | | Age: 28 | 2016 Individual Sales Volume: $18.2 million | 2016 Individual Sides: 25

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