May 23, 2018

Paul Haviland

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Paul Haviland

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Getting a degree in mechanical engineering is one of the best things I could have done for my career in real estate. Engineering is about taking a thoughtful and methodical approach to evaluating and ultimately solving problems. That is exactly what I do every day as a real estate professional. My team has learned to evaluate the root cause of issues we face in the field and create a sound and sustainable process to ensure we avoid that problem in the future and ultimately delight our clients.

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Partner/Two-Person Team | Stark Co., REALTORS® | Madison, Wis. | | Age: 29 | 2016 Team Sales Volume: $42.4 million | 2016 Team Sides: 101 | 2016 Individual Sales Volume: $24.6 million | 2016 Individual Sides: 65

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