May 23, 2018

Mary Harmon Young

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Mary Harmon Young

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People like to do business with people that they know and respect. I host bi-annual client appreciation events for my past clients to continue growing the friendships we’ve formed. For fall, I do a “pick a pumpkin” client appreciation event. Clients came to a local park with their children to mingle, snack on fresh popcorn, and pick out pumpkins. I’ve become known for popping by throughout the year with little gifts to stay in front of my clients. One of my clients’ favorite gifts includes all of the ingredients for s’mores along with my business card and a personal note, which says, “I’m never too busy for s’mores of your referrals.” For 4th of July, I gift packs of sparklers along with the note: “You and your referrals make my business sparkle!”

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Salesperson | Pritchett Moore Real Estate | Tuscaloosa, Ala. | | Age: 29 | 2016 Individual Sales Volume: $8.4 million | 2016 Individual Sides: 35

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