April 20, 2018

Christie Wilbur

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Christie Wilbur

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I made it my goal to develop a process to make sure my clients are as comfortable as possible. I give them all of the information necessary to make an educated decision while guiding them through a purchase. I created packets of information and put them into a binder that I provide to my clients. They list definitions of terms, a checklist outlining the process from start to finish, and a timeline of what happens when and who is involved (lender, appraiser, inspector), as well as a copy of the contract and disclosures that I go over with them. I ensure they know what they will be signing before they identified a property they love. While I still specialize in first-time buyers, I’ve expanded my niche to include new construction. I now market four subdivisions for a local builder.

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Associate Broker | The Group Inc.—Mulberry | Fort Collins, Colo. | | Age: 27 | 2016 Individual Sales Volume: $28.6 million | 2016 Individual Sides: 81

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